At what time can I check-in?

We welcome our guests as of 3pm. In case of early arrival we will gladly keep your personal effects in a storage while you enjoy the facilities of our property. Subject to availability we will allow you to enter your room prior to 3pm.

Until what time can I check-out?

Our check-out time is 12pm (noon). In case of later departure we will gladly keep your personal effects in a storage while you enjoy the facilities of our property.

Are we allowed to enjoy the property on the checkout day after check-out time?

Depending on the hotel occupacy on your check-out date and time (12 am noon), and depending on the arrival time of the guests, we are happy to extend a late check-out free of charge until 2pm. This will allow you, upon availability, to use the beach and the room until then, and you should wish to stay longer. with an addotional charge of 100 USD + taxes between 2pm and 10 pm.

Do you have a concierge team?

Yes, our concierge team will be able to assist you with planning anything in our hotel and around Tulum and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Opening hours Reception

Our concierge team will welcome you 24/7

Opening hours Reservations

Our reservations team can answer your calls or emails everyday between 9am and 7pm Tulum time (EST). If you need urgent information or assistance please contact our concierge team who will be happy to assist you:  or +52 1(984) 114 7525.

How to get to Encantada?

If you arrive by plane to Cancun you should know that we are located 130 km / 80 miles south. There are various options such as taxi, bus, shuttle or private transfer.

For your safety, comfort and privacy after a long flight, we highly recommend you to take a private transfer, and we can easily set this up for you. Our verified drivers will greet you at your exit from the airport after you cleared customs, then a luxury SUV will bring you to Encantada Tulum after a ride of 1 hour and 40 min, approximately.

For quotes and availability, please contact our concierge team by phone or email or book directly to this link Tulum Land Booking.

What is the weather like in each season?

-January-March, high season for Tulum, temperatures are somewhere between the high 60s and high 80s F (approx. between 20 and 32°C), and there is a slight chance of rain

-April-June, the temperatures climb and you can find warmer weather and more humidity but we are aware of this and all our rooms have A/C for your comfort;

-July-October, our rain season is here, rains can be quite strong but only last a few minutes per day. We do have umbrellas to walk around and usually, the sun always comes out for several hours of the day;

-November-December, temperatures fall to around the low 80s F (approx. 26-28°C) as the hurricane season slides away.

Is there a lot of seaweed in Tulum?

We have been experiencing along Mexican beaches of the Caribbean the arrival of sargazo seaweeds, an environmental situation that stretches from South Africa to Brazil to the Caribbean.

A vast majority of our hotel guests are still enjoying the beauty of the natural unique setting of Tulum. Seaweeds are after all part of Nature, same as the beautiful and luxuriant jungle or the normally pristine sand beaches and clear blue Caribbean Sea.

Having said that, we have a dedicated team that is working hard daily to mitigate this event by removing and disposing the seaweed from the beach strand.

On top of this, we are also currently participating in a coast-wide initiative to find a solution about this seaweeds, and we have been active in the various meetings between academics, the Government and the private sector to find durable solutions for our beautiful coast.

The intention of these meetings is to create a governmental agency dedicated to addressing the sargassum crisis, solutions include placing nets offshore to contain the seaweed before it reaches the beaches.

The first trial barrier in Cancun and Tulum are going to be placed mid-August. The seaweeds would then be redirected and collected by boats, keeping them far from our shores.

Besides, we would like to share with you our love for Tulum and that our team is committed to show you it is much more than just a magical beach location. You will find a myriad of Cenotes or lagoons to visit, as well as the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza, explore caves or swim with whale sharks. Tulum is also a growing foodies place with acclaimed restaurants like Hartwood, Arca and NU, nightclubs like Gitano, Casa Jaguares and Papaya Playa Project to check out. Even after two weeks in Tulum, you will feel like you only scratched the surface — there is that much to do.



With the Coronavirus disease going around, is it safe to vacation in Tulum?

We have always prided ourselves on the importance of offering our guests the utmost in privacy and peace. Our spacious and green property, houses only 8 rooms which limits interaction with staff and other guests. All of our shared spaces (reception, lounge, restaurant, spa) were built wide open.Our beach is wide and only accessible to our guests. At Encantada, year round you can enjoy a unique connection with yourself and Mother Earth while safely cocooned from the rest of the world.

This said due to the exceptional context our team is complying to the strictest measures in prevention against COVID-19 following the best practices recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the government of Mexico.

Our entire staff has been trained toward advanced processes of cleaning and sanitazation standards and we have implemented extra behavioral measures.

Also :

  • Online check in to speed up check in and limit interaction.
  • Sanitization of every luggage upon arrival.
  • Each tables and beach bed respecting the recommended distanciation.
  • Systematic use of the most advanced techniques of sanitization (UV cleaning and Electrostatic Nebulation System) for our restaurant, guest rooms, shared spaces, transportation and each and every item delivered to the property.
  • Hand sanitizer available in each rooms and all public spaces.
  • Mandatory use of masks and gloves for Kitchen Staff and Housekeepers. Masks also availabloe for guests on request.
  • Single entry access for guests & separate single entry access for staff.
  • Systematic daily temperature check of all our staff and providers.

Multiple researches show that the Coronavirus becomes increasingly ineffective with a rise in ambiant temperature above 25  C°/ 77 F° and is more effective in lower temperatures below 10 C°/ 50 F°

Where is the closest Hospital?

CostaMed, 307 Boca Paila Road, approx. 13 km from the hotel, can be reached in 30 minutes depending on traffic, rather 1h during peak season in December – January.

How long does it take to get an ambulance service?

It usually takes no more than 30 minutes for an ambulance to reach the hotel

Do you know a Doctor available close by?

Yes we know a good Doctor who can come to the hotel within 30 minutes depending on traffic, rather 1h during peak season in December – January.

Safety of Tulum

Safety in Tulum is not an issue, there is a lot of surveillance of the local police in the area as well as security of private companies, you can walk at night on the street or on the beach without worrying about anything, we also have our own guards always looking at the safety of the hotel and of our guests.

Is it safe to take taxis?

It is safe to take a taxi to go anywhere, you can simply hail one of the street, and however, at all times we are happy to coordinate your transportations (as a way to avoid some abuse in the fare some drivers may charge you).



We strongly advise you to be equipped with Mosquito repellent (containing DEET for better protection). We do provide organic non DEET repellent at the front desk if you don’t have any.

Do you rent bikes?

We have bikes available for free for the hotel guests, we have plenty so no need to book in advance generally… just ask reception. We can also provide a lock to secure the bike while exploring shops, restaurants, bars, etc…

Can I change money in the hotel?

We highly recommend to change money when arriving at the airport or at a money exchange in Tulum as these places offer the best rates. We will always be able to help out by changing USD into MXN pesos in smaller denominations.

Do you have a SPA?

We offer SPA treatments such as facial and body scrubs, mineral clay treatment, as well as a variety of massages and relaxation treatments.

How do you make sure to maintain a reasonable energy consumption without impacting the area’s ecosystems and natural resources?

Encantada Tulum is located in a protected ecological environment and the full property is “off the grid”. That is what makes our guests’ experience so unique and private, and yet it adds a series of operational constraints that we have to work with while trying to be the least invasive to the beautiful nature surrounding the property.

Like most properties on the beach road, we produce all our electricity via a diesel generator. Our generator is only 1 year old, with a special exhaust filter and is one of the most energy efficient on the market. We provide power to three hotels, one house and one restaurant in an effort to increase the efficiency even further. We have an on-site desalinization and purification water plant for the shower and WC that filters water that comes from an 80 meter deep well built inside the property. We also treat our waste water through a small water treatment plant. We are mindful of our impact on the cultures, economies and environments in which we operate; we compost our organic waste and we try to recycle all our non-organic waste and avoid plastic and overall single-use plastic in our hotel.


Do you have a full-service restaurant?

Yes, we have a full service restaurant on property offering breakfast and lunch. The menu is boasting a mix of traditional Mexican and Mayan dishes.

For dinner, we have a jungle side restaurant called NÜ Tulum with culinary experience created by our team of 7 amazing cooks from Mexico City, led by the young and upraising chef Cesar Castañeda. It is open every day and serves dinner 6:30 to 10:30pm.

Is breakfast included in the room rate?

Yes, we offer a full continental complimentary breakfast including Coffee or Tea, Fresh Juice, Home made breads, Yogurt with granola and a Plate of fresh fruits included in the room rate.

Can we have a romantic dinner on the beach?

Yes, we can arrange for a romantic dinner for two at the beach upon request.

I am gluten/diary intolerant, can I eat at your restaurant?

Yes, many of our guest eat gluten/dairy free and we are happy to accommodate any dietary requirements. Please be so kind to let us know upon your reservation so we can assist better.

Do you offer room service?

Yes, we will bring your meals to the room for you to enjoy on, either in the room or on your private terrace.

Do you offer all Inclusive packages?

All rates include breakfast for two, however, we do not offer any other pre-set meal plan. We provide beach service, room service and meals to be taken at one of our restaurants.


Do you have fresh water or salt water in showers?

Unlike most hotels in Tulum, Encantada has a reverse osmosis desalinization water system, in order to provide fresh water system for all rooms and common areas.

Do you have air conditioning?

Yes, we have air conditioning in all rooms

Do you offer free Wifi?

Yes, we offer complimentary Wifi throughout the property and on the beach

Do you have safes in the rooms?

Yes, every room offers a safe deposit box for your own personal use

Do you have handicapped accessible rooms?

We unfortunately don’t have specifically designed accessible rooms but please contact us to see what is required and we will see how to assist best.

Do you have an elevator?

We don’t have an elevator however we have rooms on the ground floor.

Is the water in rooms drinkable?

Encantada is hosted in a protected ecological environment and the full property is “off the grid”. Therefore we produce all our electricity ourselves and the on-site desalinized and active carbon filtered water for the shower and WC comes from an 25 meter well build in the property. This water is non drinkable, but we provide in every room, in a small containers located next to the sink in your bathroom a drinkable water that comes from the same well, and is purified through additional filtering methods and then passes through UV rays to become potable water.

Single-use plastic / Change of linen

We are mindful of our impact on the cultures, economies, and environments in which we operate

We try to avoid plastic bottles for drinks and amenities and in general any kind of single-use plastic items.

We will change your towels left on the floor or inside the bathtub.

You will decide when we should change your bed linens by placing a specially designed notice on your bed.


Do you accept kids?

We love kids, unfortunately, due to our small size and intimate atmosphere, we only allow children over 12 years old in the hotel.

Do you accept pets?

We love pets almost as much as we love kids, but unfortunately, pets have to stay at home during your visit to Encantada.

Do you allow smoking on property?

We do not allow smoking on hotel premises, however, we do have a designated smoking area in front of the hotel.

Do you take a deposit upon check-in?

Yes. Depending to the selected rate during the booking process, a deposit fee will be collected according to the conditions indicated in their policies. By completing this booking request, you certify that you are the cardholder and authorize us to charge your credit card automatically with the amount due at that time. All non-refundable rates will be collected in full upon booking.

What is our cancellation policy?

Depending to the selected rate during the booking process, a penalty fee will apply according to the conditions indicated in their policies (any cancellation must be requested by e-mail to, otherwise will be invalid). A credit card fee of 8% will be retained from any refund. Please note that any reservation for Peak season (December 20th to January 10th) is non-refundable and the payment will be charged at the time of the booking in the registered credit card. Group reservations booking two or three suites, are non-refundable aswell.

What forms of payment are accepted at the hotel?

We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept checks.

We are a cash-free hotel. It will not be possible to pay in cash in our restaurant and at check-out. The approved payment methods will be credit or debit cards and/or charge to your hotel room balance. Accepted credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

I have a last minute medical, business or family situation and I need to cancel my stay, will I get refunded if I am in the non-refundable period before the check-in date?

As an independent small boutique hotel with a very low number of rooms that is trying to provide a unique experience to our guests, our operating costs per room are running very high, and we therefore are closely subject to our occupancy and room rates to provide such service.

It is very difficult for us to resell particular rooms of specific date at settled rate pertaining that is being released on short term notice. This is the reason why we have strict cancellation policy and that we don't waive our cancelation fee in case of change of plans or emergency. We highly recommend to purchase a travel insurance for any inconvenience or emergency that could prevent visiting una as planned.

Do you have/apply special promotions codes or discounts over peak season?

While we do have special prices, discount codes, promos and discounts along the year, we cannot apply them from the period between December 15th to January 15th.


Group bookings

For any group booking and for more than 5 rooms enquiry please contact


We don’t host a wedding or private parties on the beach for now but we can help you secure rooms at one of our 3 properties in Tulum and organize a private dinner at our jungle restaurant. For more details please contact